Journey to Faith:

How to develop a Life-Changing Relationship with God.

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God created us to know Him. But our lives are busy and demanding (modern life is confusing and stressful), and before we know it, we’ve lost out on that important connection to God that we really need ...

  1. *to make life have meaning and purpose,

  2. *to survive the struggles and tragedies of life, and

  3. *to have inner joy, peace, and contentment.


How a Single Girl can Find Mr. Right

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The single girl’s guide to capturing the heart of a good man.

How a girl can find the man of her dreams and make him crazy about her--forever!

This book is the result of years of experience working with young women as a high school teacher and pastor’s wife.

Change your future by learning these keys.

Do You Have to Attend Church

to go to Heaven?

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This may sound like a silly question to write a book about, but it’s actually a very important question because church attendance is no longer considered important--

even to Christians.

What does God say about that? Is it really necessary?

Can you go to Heaven if you don’t attend church regularly?

Let’s look at what the Bible says.

Someone recently said to me, “Please hurry and finish this book. My kids need it!”

20 Days ‘Til Easter

The Real Story of Easter

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Read the real story of Easter in 20 devotional readings. Why Jesus came to earth; why He had to die on the cross; what happened to Judas; why is the resurrection of Jesus important; how we can know God in an interactive way.

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How to Guarantee Your Marriage Will be a Success

Rock the House!

A Guide to Directing a Children’s Musical for Your Church or Christian School

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This book is a step-by-step guide to directing a children’s musical. Whether it’s your first time or you are an experienced director, this book will give you lots of ideas for planning, rehearsing, and performing your musical so that you will “Rock the House!” Even if you are a newbie, just follow the steps to create a great experience for everyone involved.