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I LOVE books and I love reading! (Actually, I’m addicted to learning.) But reading can be an expensive habit, especially when you go through books like I do.

Because of the high price of books I’ve done 2 things:

  1. 1.I’ve switched to digital (kindle) books. They are much cheaper to buy and I always have them available on my phone or tablet. Read more...

  2. 2.I constantly keep my eyes open for ebook deals--and I find them! I have over 400 books in my kindle library and most of them cost $0 - $1.99.

Whenever I find a good deal, I can’t wait to tell all my friends about it. My list of book friends keeps growing, and you can join, too. This is a FREE service. Whenever you sign up with the form on the right for our BookFriend mailing list, you will instantly see several book deals, and then you will receive once a week an email that will give you 4-8 book deals in the categories:

Christian Non-fiction

Christian Historical Fiction

My favorite category for reading is Christian non-fiction--all kinds: classic Christian books, theology, Christian living, prayer, church history, etc. (though I also read history, healthy eating, and some business and cooking). I may add more categories later, like history.

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Don’t really like to read? I’ve added FREE audio books--a great way to “read” for those who don’t love it.

Your BookFriend, Mary Jo Freeman